Charming Coastal Towns: Northern California Road Trip 

Who’s ready for a road trip? Not the boring kind along endless highways. We’re talking about a road trip to the most amazing Northern California coastal towns.

Unlike the clear blue waters of the Pacific Ocean – which these coastal towns hug – the borderline between Southern California and Northern California is pretty muddy.

However, the one thing about the Northern California coast that everyone can agree on is the natural beauty. It’s unparalleled and prime for a summer road trip.

Morro Bay

Morro Bay is a charming little coastal town of about 11,000. The bay is a protected harbor and marine sanctuary, so its wildlife spotting opportunities are endless.




Just 9 minutes north of Morro Bay is Cayucos, a tiny town of about 2,600 people. Now, it may be small, but this quaint coastal town is big on personality and one of the cutest beach town.


San Simeon

Where Cayucos is small-town Americana, San Simeon is home to the iconic Hearst Castle, a symbol of fame and fortune.



Monterey is one of the best Northern California beach towns to visit. To reach Monterey, you drive about 95 miles north up the coast from San Simeon.

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