10 Great Reasons to Visit Cabo in Summer!

Winter is the high season in Cabo San Lucas. That’s when many Canadians and Americans shivering in the cold want to escape their winters.

But if you can’t get away in winter – or choose to vacay between late spring and fall – you’ll find many great reasons to plan your visit to Cabo San Lucas off-season.

The weather in Cabo in summer is great!

A summer holiday will feel much more like a Hawaii or Caribbean holiday. Days are sunny and hot, and you can ditch the jacket and long pants.

If you love water activities, then, honestly, summer in Cabo is better than winter. Water temperature aside, the calm waters of Medano Beach are a family favorite.

The beaches are hot

The Cabo turtles arrive!

You can participate in a tour, led by a certified guide, where you help release the baby sea turtles into the sea. This is an activity that families with children especially love.

Snorkeling and diving

We had an unbelievable time scuba diving in Cabo San Lucas. In Cabo Pulmo, the highlight was seeing bull and tiger sharks. Also keep an eye out for flying manta rays.

The surfing is swell

Make your way to beaches like Zippers and La Roca, where competitions draw out the pros and wannabes can grab a lesson on the sand.

The fishing is epic

Fishing season in Cabo lasts throughout the year. So long as you’re not too fussy about what you catch, you have an almost guaranteed chance of landing something any time of year.

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