The 23 Best Souvenirs From Mexico to Bring Home

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico, there are tons of cool things to buy, from hand-crafted mezcal to colorfully decorated maracas. You’ll come across many unique mementos you won’t find anywhere else.

From its unbeatable local cuisine to its rich cultural history, Mexico is a place you want to remember – which is why you’ll want to bring home some great souvenirs from your time there.

To help you take advantage of the best shopping opportunities during your Mexican travels, we’ve put together this handy list of the 23 best souvenirs from Mexico.

Mexican blankets

The blankets are perfect for using on the deck outside, to snuggle up in while watching TV or even as picnic blankets. Totally worth haggling for!



Lucha libre mask

If you’re a lucha libre fan, or know of a fan at home, bringing back a popular character like El Santo or Blue Demon will score you some huge points.


Talavera pottery

There are so many beautiful pieces to choose from – plates, bowls, cups, spoons, platters, salt and pepper shakers – and they make great gifts from Mexico.



We promise you that your family and friends will not be disappointed to get a bottle of tequila – a gift of 100% agave azul tequila – as a souvenir from Mexico.


Mexican glassware

We have some of the most popular margarita glasses – clear Mexican glass with bright blue rims. But you can find them with green or red accents and many other different patterns.

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