17 Best Souvenirs From Hawaii + Authentic Hawaiian Gifts

There’s something we find really difficult about visiting Hawaii – leaving! That’s why we always bring back a little piece of the islands with us in the form of some of the best souvenirs from Hawaii.

They help keep our happy memories of Pacific Ocean breezes, gorgeous beach sunsets, refreshing Mai Tais and delicious Hawaiian fruit alive, long after we’ve unpacked our suitcases back home.

There are so many uniquely Hawaiian souvenirs to choose from that it’s also easy to find authentic gifts for family and friends. From small and inexpensive to high-quality and precious items.

Macadamia nuts

Rich, buttery, crunchy and ever-so delicious – it’s hard not to go nuts over macadamia nuts. Hawaii is bursting with them.


Photo: Mauna Loa


Hawaiian quilts

They can be used as crib bedding, a blanket, a tablecloth or even a wall hanging. And they make the best souvenirs from Hawaii!


Aloha shirt 

You can find Hawaiian shirts anywhere on the islands of Hawaii. They range from modestly to luxuriously priced, depending on the quality and brand you’re looking for.


Kona coffee

And it makes a great gift from Hawaii for your friends and family too. There isn’t a coffee lover anywhere who wouldn’t gleefully accept a bag of Kona coffee straight from the islands.

Photo: Royal Kona Coffee Company


Fresh fruit

Pineapples, mangos and lychees… There aren’t too many places in the world that do fresh fruit better than Hawaii!

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