Best Mexican Beach Towns

Over the centuries, Mexico’s best beach towns have grown up around many of these beaches. Some are very heavily focused on tourism, whereas others have remained traditional.

The country has mountains, rainforests, yawning canyons and charming colonial cities. But it’s most often associated with its beautiful beaches. That’s probably no surprise.

With 5,800 miles of coastline spanning the Gulf of Mexico, the Caribbean Sea, the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Cortez, there’s more than enough sand to squish your toes into!

Cabo San Lucas

Its easy access to cities like Los Angeles makes it a great long weekend break. With gorgeous beaches, beach hopping is another popular activity in Cabo. Medano Beach offers at least a mile of swimmable shoreline.


There’s a stylish marina, a malecon which is ideal for an evening stroll, and a quirky arts scene, with lots of sculptures and thought-provoking murals sprinkled around.

La Paz


Todos Santos

It’s become a haven for creatives, and today it houses art galleries, studios and artisan jewelry shops in many of its historical buildings.


San Jose del Cabo

Most people come for the beaches. Expect long stretches of sand with dramatic rock formations, perfect for practicing your coastal photography.



A protected sea area teeming with sea life. See blue footed boobies and other sea birds, go scuba diving with sea lions, watch whales or paddle a kayak around idyllic uninhabited islands.



Over the years, it’s developed into a surfing hotspot. The town is primarily tourist-centric, with nightlife and restaurants catering to all palates.


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