33 Delicious Croatian Desserts

These Croatian cakes, cookies, pastries, pies and other sweets are lovingly made, using recipes handed down from generation to generation.

Creamy? With flaky pastry? Chocolatey? There’s a whole range of Croatian cakes to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Photo: Croatia Tourism

Kuglof (Bundt cake)

Shaped like a large doughnut, with a hole in the middle, this yeast-based cake is a classic Christmas dessert in Croatia.


Vanilla custard cake is a delicious sweet made of puff pastry and a whipped egg cream filling, dusted with icing sugar on top.

Kremsnita (Vanilla custard cake)


Madarica (Layered chocolate torte)

There are many different variations. You can find it layered with jam, white chocolate and other fillings, and there may be more layers too.


Skradin’s cake (Chocolate cake)

Its main ingredients are ground walnuts, rose brandy, honey, lemons and oranges. And then the cake is smothered in chocolatey goodness.


Imotski cake (Almond lattice cake)

This almond cake has a thin latticed pie crust on top with an almond, orange, lemon zest and cinnamon filling.


Hrapocusa  (Cake of Brac)

The bottom layer of this Croatian walnut cake is a dense sponge cake made of egg yolks, some egg whites, flour, loads of walnuts and maybe lemon zest.


Photo: Croatia Tourism

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