Awesome Things to Do in Telegraph Cove for Adventure Lovers

These are some of the incredibly fun things to do in Telegraph Cove – one of the best eco-tourism destinations in British Columbia, Canada.

We’re sure glad we set out recently from Victoria on a Vancouver Island road trip to Telegraph Cove.

Because Telegraph Cove is an absolutely charming place to go for an adventurous escape in the wilderness!

Kayak with orcas

Telegraph Cove is one of the few places in the world where you can kayak with whales. That’s because the 68-mile Johnstone Strait is home to the largest resident pod of killer whales in the world.



Telegraph Cove whale watching by boat

For dedicated whale watching in Telegraph Cove, you can book a wildlife and whale watching tour with Prince of Whales. This adventure company offers half-day whale watching tours.


Hike Blinkhorn Trail

The Blinkhorn Trail was renamed the Dave Farrant trail in tribute to the man who spent thousands of hours hacking out the trail and maintaining it.


Grizzly bear tours

One of the most epic things to do in Telegraph Cove is grizzly bear viewing, a 2-hour boat ride from Knight Inlet. About 40 bears roam the area around Glendale Cove.

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