7 Playful Types of Penguins in Antarctica

These other types of penguins are the ones people usually see when they visit the top places in Antarctica on an expedition cruise.

Like Chinstraps penguins. Peppy little Adelies. Strange-looking Macaroni penguins, shy Gentoos and other types of Antarctica penguins.

There are 7 types of penguins that live in Antarctica and sub-Antarctic regions.

Adelie penguins

They’re named after Adelie, wife of the French explorer Jules Dumont D’Urville, who first discovered these penguins in 1840 on the Antarctic coast.



Chinstrap penguins

You can recognize Chinstrap penguins by the narrow band of black feathers which stretches from ear to ear, just below their chin. They grow to about 28 to 30 inches tall.


Gentoo penguins

Sporting bright orange beaks and feet, Gentoos are the third largest species of penguins in Antarctica (after Emperor and King penguins) – standing 30 to 35 inches tall.


Macaroni penguins

You can easily recognize Macaroni penguins by their spiky orange eyelashes. Macaroni penguins grow to be about the same size and weight as Chinstrap penguins.


Rockhopper penguins

Whereas the Adelies will slide down hills on their bellies, Rockhoppers prefer to hop about to get around the rocky shores where they live the Falklands in the Australia.

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