5 Great Reasons For River Cruise

Why take a river cruise? We want to float down another lazy river on another lovely river ship – and fall in love with another place we’ve never been.

Meandering along serene waterways, river cruises offer an intimate perspective of picturesque landscapes and charming towns.

In the Amazon, or Vietnam, or possibly India. If you twist our arms, we’d be willing to sail the Douro in Portugal, look at the wine grapes growing on its steep terraced riverbanks, and do wine tasting.

River ships are small

The small size of a river ship encourages easy mixing among guests. River cruises attract mostly fit, well-traveled mature couples, but we’ve also enjoyed the company of younger travelers.



River ships get you right up close to the action

River ships – maybe they should be called riverboats? – often tie up right in the heart of the city or village you’re visiting.


You get to see and do a lot!

If you’re wondering what to expect on a river cruise in terms of time ashore, know this: River cruises maximize your sightseeing time.


River Cruising Is Relaxing

Even though you can see and do a lot on river cruises, you don’t always have to. You can skip out on excursions if you want, put your feet up and just soak in your surroundings.

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