5 Gorgeous Stages for Live Theater in Louisville, Kentucky

One of the top things to do in Louisville is to take in a live performance. No city in Kentucky packs in more drama than Louisville!

Most people associate premier theater with cities like New York and Chicago (and they aren’t wrong). But the Bluegrass State of my youth is home to some world-class stage productions too.

Let me steer you through five of the best venues for live theater in Louisville – ones that caught my eye during my time in this river city.

The Kentucky Center for the Performing Arts

The most high-profile venue, it’s the home of prominent theatrical tenants like the Louisville Orchestra, the Kentucky Opera and Broadway Across America.



Actors Theatre of Louisville

The Actors Theatre of Louisville is another nationally-recognized venue. This one lured nationally recognized talent and spared no expense on wardrobe, effects and scenery.


The W.L. Lyons Brown Theatre

The Brown Theatre was quickly tarnished by The Great Depression and only has 1,400 seats, there’s really no bad place to watch a rock show.


The Louisville Palace

It’s exclusively a concert venue, its architectural and historical significance convinced me that it needed a spot on this top five list of Louisville stages.


Shakespeare in Central Park

The company relies on sponsorship and audience donations to continue its 75-year legacy of producing and promoting the “Bard of Avon.”

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