5+ Really Good Reasons to Travel

Travel in and of itself is good. It’s good for you as long as you don’t stress too much and actually enjoy your holiday. And it’s good for the world, especially if you travel responsibly.

You learn so much about other countries and cultures when you travel. Travel helps you figure out who you are. So check out these 5 really good reasons to travel!

Travel creates and supports jobs

About 1 in 10 jobs around the world are supported by travel and tourism – almost 320 million jobs in fact.


Travel opens your eyes to new cultures and helps you understand the world better. It fosters tolerance and empathy.

Travel bridges cultures


Travel supports the world economy

Travel and tourism represent more than 10% of the world’s GDP. The contribution to global GDP is more than double that of the automotive industry.


Health benefits of traveling

After sailing the Caribbean or hiking in the Canadian Rockies, you’re likely to return home refreshed and better able to tackle whatever the world throws at you.


Why travel? It’s fun!

Travel brings joy into your life and reconnects you with your family. Aren’t the happiest moments exploring a new city, hand-in-hand with your loved one? That happiness is contagious.


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