31 Totally Romantic Things to Do in Maui for Couples

When it comes to romantic things to do in Maui for couples, it’s often the small things that spark the biggest flame.

With its seductive beaches, tropical flowers and silken warm breezes, this Hawaiian island is synonymous with romance.

Let’s find out more about what couples of all ages love doing on Maui…

Discover beautiful waterfalls

Imagine lush rainforest with hanging vines and a graceful waterfall cascading down into a pool of crystal clear water.



Sip sundowners by the sea

Having a waterfront view of the sun sliding down into the ocean adds a whole new meaning to sipping sundowners a déux!


Watch whales and listen to whale songs

One of the most enjoyable romantic Maui activities for couples is to take a whale watching kayak-and-snorkel tour with South Pacific Kayaks.


Learn to hula

They say that couples who laugh together, last together! So, have a little fun and take a hula dance class together where you can actually learn to hula!

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