29 Interesting Facts About Mexican Food

The Mexican colonial city of Oaxaca, for example, is home to some of the world’s best restaurants.

The city dares even the most discerning foodies to turn up their noses at Oaxacan cuisine.

Indeed, the traditional Mexican cooking style of rich homestyle food is dripping with culture and heritage. This art of cooking is special to many families in Mexico.

Mexican food is often made with lots of veggies and fruit

Most people think of refried beans and rice when they go to a Mexican food restaurant. But the country is full of healthy veggies and fruit.



Caesar salad was invented in Mexico

Let’s go back in time to 1924. Caesar was an Italian immigrant who owned a restaurant in Tijuana to “attract Americans frustrated by Prohibition.”


Nachos were invented on the spot by Mr. Nacho

One night in 1943, Ignacio Anaya Garcia threw together ingredients to make a plate of snacks for a group of U.S. military wives.


Guacamole means “testicle sauce”?

When Aztecs discovered avocados in 500 BC, they named the fruit itahuacatle – which means “testicle.”

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