25 Fun and Useful Facts About Yangon, Myanmar

During our visit, we learned many quirky and interesting facts about Yangon – and picked up several useful Yangon travel tips too.

You’ll want to read these  25 things to know about Yangon – to help you understand the city and its people better and to make your trip more enjoyable.

The Shwedagon Pagoda is epic!

Its golden stupa was being restored when we visited, and much was covered up with corrugated cardboard.


Yangon bustles with people. Outdoor markets selling fresh produce are thriving, and a walk along some of the narrow streets is a lot of fun.

Yangon is exotic


Yangon sunsets are stunning

From a golden ball of fire, the sun turns pumpkin orange, then blood red as it drops below the horizon.


An open umbrella doesn’t mean rain

One of our favorite fun facts about Yangon is that an umbrella on the lawn in a park likely means there’s a young couple kissing and canoodling behind it.


Yangon is hot!

At 2:00 pm, you mostly want to be lying in the shade under a colorful parasol by your hotel pool, sipping from a fresh cold coconut.


There are many Buddhist monks

In Thailand, monks dress in saffron- and orange-colored robes. But monks in Myanmar wear burgundy-colored robes.


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Photo: Savoy Hotel