20 Best Beachfront Hotels in Tulum, Mexico

Are you looking for the best beachfront hotels in Tulum, Mexico? With chillaxing on gorgeous white sand beaches this little slice of Caribbean coastline is one of our favorite vacation spots.

Tulum Beach is a 6-mile-long strip of beachfront that’s also known as the Hotel Zone. You’ll be spoiled for choice when it comes to accommodation, as there are dozens of luxury hotels on the beach.

We’ll start with the best Tulum Beach hotels at the southernmost end of the beach and work our way up north.

Olas Tulum

This is best for eco-conscious couples craving a retreat in chic surroundings will love Olas Tulum. One of the best places to stay in Tulum beach, it’s gorgeous.



Casa Malca

As one of the most interesting Tulum beachfront resorts, Casa Malca resonates with artistic types in touch with their creative side.


Nomade Hotel Tulum

This is best for all about connecting with your spiritual self, Mayan healing and nature at Nomade Tulum – as well as relaxing on the beach.


Be Tulum

As one of the best luxury resorts in Tulum on the beach, Be Tulum is a wonderful place for the soul and the perfect spot for a romantic getaway.


NEST Tulum

This is best for city slickers who need a break from urban life will be very happy here. Also, this beautiful beach hotel in Tulum is a bona fide oasis.

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