17 Best Things to Do in Bonn

Bonn doesn’t get the same ink as other places in Germany, like Berlin (the country’s capital and “it” city).

But during our stay in this city, we discovered there are actually many lovely things to do in Bonn!

Bonn is a small charming city of some 310,000, set on the banks of the Rhine River. And it has much to offer in the way of historical sights and attractions.

See Beethoven House

Inside, we saw the original announcement of his first concert at age eight, the bronze ear trumpets he used as he tragically turned deaf in his late 20s.


Photo: German National Tourist Board


Gape at the Altes Rathaus

When strolling through the pedestrian-only cobblestone streets of the Old Town, you’ll come across the Altes Rathaus, Bonn’s old City Hall.


Admire the Bonn Minster

Built between the 11th and 13th centuries in a mix of both Romanesque and Gothic styles, it’s one of Germany’s oldest churches. It has a beautiful cloister which you can visit.


Visit Poppelsdorf Palace

One of the prettiest attractions in Bonn, it was the former home of prince-elector Joseph Clemens of Bavaria.


Eye the art at the Kunstmuseum Bonn

Founded in 1947, the Museum of Modern Art is home to an important collection of German art.

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