15 Delicious Mexican Margaritas to Make at Home

Indeed, one of the best things to do in Mexico is to sip real Mexican margaritas on the beach – made with fresh fruit juice (of course!), not mix.

Both lime and tamarind margaritas are our go-to drinks when we visit Mexico. (They’re the perfect cocktails to sip before diving into Mexican food).

Here, now, are some great recipes for how to make Mexican margaritas at home. And with so many different Mexican fruits, you can create a whole range of homemade margaritas

Classic margarita

Ask any margarita purist, and they’ll tell you the classic margarita recipe only requires three ingredients – tequila, orange liqueur and fresh-squeezed lime juice.



Skinny orange margarita

Lower in calories than a regular margarita, the skinny orange margarita here is made with agave nectar instead of a higher-calorie orange liqueur.


Cranberry ginger margarita

This cranberry margarita recipe blends the salty flavor of tequila with the slightly sweet tartness of cranberry juice – and tweaks it with a kick of ginger beer.


Frozen mango margarita

This frozen mango margarita uses pre-cut frozen mango (available in the freezer section). And if you don’t like mangos, simply substitute frozen strawberries instead.


Pineapple jalapeno margarita

If you find mango margaritas a little too sweet for your taste, try this spicy pineapple jalapeno margarita.

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