11 Best Cities to Visit in Italy for the First Time

Of all the gorgeous places in Italy, its grand cities stand out. If you’re visiting Italy for the first time, they’re must-visit destinations.

Packed with a treasure trove of marvelous museums, historic sites, striking architecture and mouth-watering cuisine, each city is unique and has its own allure.

From Rome to Ravenna, we’ve picked the 11 best cities to visit in Italy for the first time. These are the big hitters – Italy’s most popular main cities.

Venice: The city of canals

Ahhh! Venice! The “City of Canals” and one of the most beautiful cities in Italy!




City of the soul. Eternal City. The City of Seven Hills. Call it what you will – as Robert DeNiro said, Rome is Rome.



The capital of Emilia Romagna in the northern part of the country, Bologna is one of the best cities in Italy to visit for foodies.



Located in northern Italy, Turin was once the capital of Italy. It’s often hailed as “the Paris of Italy” because of its royal palaces, grand boulevards and stately piazzas.

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