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Going on a safari in Africa is an unparalleled adventure.

Picture yourself spotting the “Big Five” as they roam freely across expansive savannas. The thrill of witnessing lions, elephants and more in their natural surroundings is unmatched.

It’s a journey that truly captures the essence of the wild. We’d go back to Africa on safari in a heartbeat…

Some African safari experiences we’ve enjoyed

Sabi Sands (South Africa): We watched a lion kill, encountered rhinos and went on game drives at night on this thrilling “Big Five” safari in Sabi Sands!

Chobe National Park (Botswana): Chobe National Park is the “Land of the Giants” – and on a Chobe safari, you’ll see elephants galore!

Chinzombo Camp (Zambia): It was all about the leopards at Chinzombo Camp. And the luxury. (Think tented villas in the bush with private pools.)

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