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Looking for Mediterranean travel information?

The Med is a lovely place to visit, especially in the spring and autumn.

Quick Mediterranean information:

Mediterranean travel information

Countries bordering the Mediterranean: 22 countries share a border with the Mediterranean, including Croatia, Greece and Tunisia

Coastline: 28,600 miles (46,027 km)

Islands: There are 3,000+ islands in the Mediterranean Sea

Largest Mediterranean island: Sicily

Mediterranean trip planning: Find crazy-useful flight, hotel booking and other tips in our Resources guide

5 Fun facts about the Mediterranean:

1) Italy has the most luxurious superyachts in the Mediterranean.

2) The Mediterranean diet (which can help stave of heart disease and strokes) is mainly plant-based, with lots of extra virgin olive oil.

3) The Phoenicians ruled the Mediterranean before the Greeks and Romans (from about 1550 to 300 BC).

4) The Med is the world’s leading tourist destination, attracting one-third of the world’s international tourists.

5) The Strait of Gibralta (which connects the Mediterranean Sea with the Atlantic Ocean) is only eight miles wide at its narrowest point.

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