colonial Mexican cities

Orozco murals

Hot Art: Visiting Orozco’s fiery murals in Guadalajara

By Janice and George | October 11, 2018

He lost an eye and a hand in a fireworks accident. Yet Jose Clemente Orozco was one of Mexico’s great muralists – who painted some fiery murals in Guadalajara.

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colonial cities of Mexico guide

Colonial Cities of Mexico Guide: A luxury travel resource

By Janice and George | January 19, 2015

See Mexico’s colonial cities in style! Discover fine museums, magical rooftop bars and luxury inns in our colonial cities of Mexico guide.

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top tourist attractions Morelia

Top tourist attractions in Morelia, Mexico

By Janice and George | December 22, 2014

Colonial buildings. A candy market (true!). And a butterfly sanctuary. These are just some of the top tourist attractions in Morelia, a UNESCO-listed colonial Mexican city.

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Villa Ganz boutique hotel

Guadalajara Gem: The Villa Ganz boutique hotel

By Janice and George | December 15, 2014

Turning off onto a leafy side-street in Guadalajara, our taxi deposited us at the Villa Ganz boutique hotel. And what a gem it is!

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migration of Monarch butterflies

Witness the remarkable migration of Monarch butterflies

By Janice and George | December 1, 2014

The migration of Monarch butterflies – what a story! In the magical Sierra Chincua Sanctuary in Mexico, thousands of orange butterflies swirl about our faces, quivering in the sunshine.

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visit San Miguel de Allende

Visit San Miguel de Allende: A fairytale colonial city (Part 2)

By Janice and George | November 28, 2014

A mask museum? Botanical gardens? Yummy restaurants? Visit San Miguel de Allende for more than just art galleries and colonial architecture.

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travel to San Miguel de Allende

Why travel to San Miguel de Allende? It’s a fairytale colonial city! (Part 1)

By Janice and George | November 24, 2014

Why travel to San Miguel de Allende? To enjoy its colonial center, fascinating museums (even one on toys!), thriving arts scene and magical rooftop bars. 

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Guanajuato Mummy Museum - human mummy

Death on display at the Guanajuato Mummy Museum

By Janice and George | June 23, 2014

The extraordinary Guanajuato Mummy Museum has over 100 mummies, including one of a woman buried alive. There’s also a poignant gallery of baby mummies.

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Morelia: Cathedral fireworks-and-music show a spectacle!

By Janice and George | May 27, 2014

An excited crowd gathers by the Morelia Cathedral for the Saturday night fireworks and music spectacle. Some fireworks shoot straight up in front of us!

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Basilica of Our Lady of Zapopan

Tiny traveling Virgin loves coming home to Zapopan

By Janice and George | April 8, 2014

The tiny Virgin statue has an impressive home – the Basilica of Our Lady of Zapopan. Each October, a million people welcome her back after her five-month tour.

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Guanajuato Juarez Theater

Which way to the Juarez Theater in Guanajuato?

By Janice and George | March 24, 2014

The outside of Guanajuato’s Juarez Theater (Teatro Juarez) blew us away. It’s decorated with Greek columns, lion sculptures and bronze statues.

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colonial towns of mexico - guanajuato

Colonial towns of Mexico a necklace of gems

By Janice and George | March 1, 2014

The colonial towns of Mexico are fabled for their cobblestone streets and fairytale architecture. Guanajuato even has a mummy museum!

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