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surprising places to swim

7 surprising places to swim (and why you should dive in)

By Agness Walewinder | July 26, 2017

Do you love to swim in beautiful natural surroundings? These surprising places to swim (Antarctica!) will surely pique your interest.

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Zhangjiajie Avatar mountains visit

4-day Zhangjiajie Avatar mountains experience for luxury lovers

By Agness Walewinder | September 2, 2016

Our guest contributor has lived in China off and on since 2011. She shares her travel tips for visiting the fairytale Zhangjiajie “Avatar mountains” in luxury.

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things to do in the Riviera Maya

5 totally awesome things to do in the Riviera Maya

By Janice and George | June 2, 2016

Itching to swim with turtles? Love to see a magical Cirque du Soleil show? Check out these awesome things to do in Riviera Maya, Mexico (when you can tear yourself away from your fabulous resort, of course).

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Riviera Maya cenotes

Riviera Maya cenotes are dreamlike underground cathedrals

By Janice and George | December 10, 2015

With their stalactites and stalagmites, and pools of water shining an unearthly blue, Riviera Maya cenotes look like wondrous underground cathedrals. You can swim and snorkel inside many.

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sea canoeing Phang Nga Bay

Thailand: Sea canoeing Phang Nga Bay

By Janice and George | April 18, 2014

We’re lying on our backs, sea canoeing Phang Nga Bay in an inflatable canoe – our noses inches away from the sharp-edged roof of a dark cave tunnel.

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