Must see at the Met

What to see at NYC’s Met museum if short on time

By Janice and George | December 8, 2018

NYC’s Metropolitan Museum of Art is fabulous – but huge! If short on time, don’t miss pieces you must see, like “The Love Letter” painting and the Egyptian Temple of Dendur.

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Orozco murals

Hot Art: Visiting Orozco’s fiery murals in Guadalajara

By Janice and George | October 11, 2018

He lost an eye and a hand in a fireworks accident. Yet Jose Clemente Orozco was one of Mexico’s great muralists – who painted some fiery murals in Guadalajara.

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best river cruises in the world

Say hello to the world’s best river cruises and new river cruise lines!

By Janice and George | April 20, 2018

World’s best river cruises? Scenic and Crystal River Cruises are tops. New? U by Uniworld is oh-so trendy. The “Viking Ra” hits Egypt in May, 2018. More here!

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Snapshot Story #22: Louvre copyists learn by painting the masterpieces

By Janice and George | January 7, 2018

The Louvre Museum has a tradition of allowing artists to learn by painting the masterpieces. Sometimes they catch your attention more than the original art.

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Is the fairytale Chateau de Chantilly better than Versailles?

By Janice and George | December 10, 2017

Near Paris, the Chateau de Chantilly is a fairytale wonder; it’s also home to one of France’s finest collections of classical paintings. Beats Versailles in some ways!

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Cadaques photos

Cadaques Photos: You’ll want to visit this beautiful Dali town

By Janice and George | October 19, 2017

No wonder Cadaques inspired surrealist painter Salvador Dali! Take a peek at these photos of Cadaques, one of the sweetest towns on Spain’s Costa Brava.

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You’ll love these 2 peachy Mykonos hotels on the beach!

By Janice and George | July 20, 2017

Close to Mykonos town’s colorful tavernas? Check. With character and charm? Check. These two peachy beach hotels on Mykonos fit the bill.

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Oodles of cultural activities in Mexico City, and other surprises

By Janice and George | July 12, 2016

Mexico City surprised us – pleasantly! There are oodles of museums and cultural attractions in Mexico City. It has lots of parks. And locals ride eco-bikes.

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top things to do in bali

Why all the buzz? The top things to do in Bali are as special as ever

By Janice and George | January 21, 2016

Beaches and surfing? Check. Luxury spas? You bet. Art, meditation, dance and colorful festivals? Absolutely! (Cheeky monkeys too!) The top things to do in Bali are as special as ever.

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winter guide to ottawa - parliament

Winter guide to Canada’s capital – Ottawa – by FlightHub

By Janice and George | January 11, 2016

Sporting massive Parliament buildings, uniquely designed museums and a thriving downtown core, Ottawa is a great place to visit in winter! Bonus – you can ice skate on the Rideau Canal.

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Hotel Tugu Lombok review

Art? Antiques? Private pools? Hotel Tugu Lombok is gorgeous!

By Janice and George | October 29, 2015

Rescuing ancient temples, the “temple whisperer” turned his love for Indonesian art and antiques into the fab Hotel Tugu Lombok with private pools.

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Ayung Resort Ubud

Ayung Resort Ubud: Tropical luxury and art in Bali

By Janice and George | August 24, 2015

One of the best-priced luxury resorts in Ubud, Bali? Ayung Resort Ubud is filled with art (think golden serpents and carved dragons). It dishes up artful cuisine too.

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visit San Miguel de Allende

Visit San Miguel de Allende: A fairytale colonial city (Part 2)

By Janice and George | November 28, 2014

A mask museum? Botanical gardens? Yummy restaurants? Visit San Miguel de Allende for more than just art galleries and colonial architecture.

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travel to San Miguel de Allende

Why travel to San Miguel de Allende? It’s a fairytale colonial city! (Part 1)

By Janice and George | November 24, 2014

Why travel to San Miguel de Allende? To enjoy its colonial center, fascinating museums (even one on toys!), thriving arts scene and magical rooftop bars. 

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