surprising places to swim

7 surprising places to swim (and why you should dive in)

By Agness Walewinder

Do you love to swim in beautiful natural surroundings? These surprising places to swim (Antarctica!) will surely pique your interest.

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Antarctica blue icebergs

Antarctica: Rhapsody in blue ice

By Janice and George

You may think the “great white continent” of Antarctica is white. But its icebergs are blue. In Iceberg Alley, icebergs seem to radiate blue light. 

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Antarctica penguins

Antarctica penguins a peppy lot

By Janice and George

Move over “Happy Feet”! Yes, as Emperor penguins, you’re regal. But we want to talk about other Antarctica penguins like peppy little Adelies, Chinstraps and shy Gentoo penguins.

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cruising Antarctica - Adelie penguins

Penguin Playground: Expedition cruising Antarctica

By Janice and George

Penguins mate and give birth, Weddell seal pups sun themselves on the ice, and whales cavort in the icy waters. This is cruising Antarctica!

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