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Antarctica, a pristine wilderness at the edge of the world, offers an adventure like no other.

Embark on an Antarctic expedition cruise, navigating through towering icebergs and witnessing nature’s raw beauty in its most untouched form.

Walk among colonies of playful penguins, the crisp air echoing their calls. See whales. And go for a polar dip!

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Quick Antarctica information

Antarctica travel information

About: World’s 5th largest continent covering 5,500,000 sq. miles (14,200,000 sq. km)

Population: 1,000 (in winter) to 5,000 (in summer), depending on the number of researchers living in Antarctica at any given time

Percentage of land covered by ice: 98%

Which country owns Antarctica? None; it’s governed internationally through the Antarctic Treaty

Antarctica trip planning: Find helpful flight, hotel booking and other tips in our Resources guide.

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