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Content Marketing

So you’d like to work with us at Sand In My Suitcase to promote your or your client’s travel-related business, product or service?



Our rates for a sponsored post start at $1,500 USD. (PayPal service fees of 4% are extra.)

Your post will be published in a visually appealing way, with headings and SEO keywords to maximize traffic and viewer interest.

We do not accept paid links in existing posts.


Sponsored posts must be travel-related. We don’t accept budget travel or gambling posts.

Writing and word count

To fit the editorial style of our blog, we include our own voice in all posts (editing your content). We’ll weave in your sponsored information with our content based on our own personal experience or research.

You can expect a minimum of 1,500 words. Most sponsored blog posts on Sand In My Suitcase are more than 1,500 words.

Content and images

You’ll provide us with content and information so we may write/edit the sponsored post.

Examples of how to promote your product or service

  • A resort or hotel may be promoted through an article about things to do in the area where the resort or hotel is based
  • A holiday booking site may be promoted through a post about one of the popular destinations on the website
  • A rental car company may be promoted through an article on a region that’s ideal for a driving holiday with places of interest that can be found enroute

The content you provide us will be useful, detailed (not general) and factually correct.

It cannot be generated by AI and it must be original content.

It should demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the travel-related topic you wish to promote.

Suggestions for the content you provide:

  • Things to see or do in X that are are unusual or off-the-beaten-path
  • Themed content – secret places, markets, historic sites, a food-lover’s guide, etc.
  • Top 10 attractions in X
  • The perfect one-week X itinerary

All our posts are published with images. We appreciate you sending us images to illustrate the post. Good quality photos from the travel sponsor’s website (with permission to use) are ideal.


We follow best practices for sponsored posts and links.


You may have up to two sponsored links in the post. (Links are marked as rel= “sponsored” to comply with Google guidelines.)

We may also add “do-follow” links to authoritative, non-competing external sites (e.g., a tourism authority, Wikipedia or travel magazine article) to the post to help it rank better. And we’ll likely include internal links to other posts on our site. (For link-building purposes, and to improve the ranking of your sponsored post and our own future non-sponsored posts, we may also add additional internal links to new posts on Sand In My Suitcase after your sponsored post has been published.)

If the page/URL of any of your sponsored “no-follow” or “sponsored” links is changed after publication of the post, we may remove the link(s) from the post, repurpose the post as we see fit or take the post down from Sand In My Suitcase.


After we’ve completed a draft of the post, we’ll send it to you for your review and approval. You may ask for minor changes or edits. (Please bear in mind that we’re professional travel writers, not copy writers.) Any further or additional revisions beyond these minor revisions will be charged at the hourly rate of $100 USD.


To comply with international advertising rules and guidelines, we have a policy of being transparent and disclosing financial sponsorships. We will include a Disclosure at the end, for example:

Disclosure:  X company asked us to write a review of their Y service. The research we did and the words and opinions expressed here are completely our own, however. We’re happy to report that we love using the Y service!


Disclosure:  This post has been brought to you in partnership with X company.

Stay-live term of the post

Unless otherwise agreed, the stay-live term of your sponsored post is one year. At the end of the one-year term, we’ll be free to remove the post from our blog, remove the link to your (or your client’s) site or take other action.

Refreshing the sponsored post:

After the post has been published, you may ask us to “refresh” the post with minor updates (e.g., swap out a photo, add a couple of new sentences or update content in a sentence or two). Our fee to refresh a post starts at $175 USD.


We retain copyright of the sponsored post so the post remains original. You may not republish the post on your (or your client’s) site or elsewhere. The reason is to avoid duplicate content on the web; if the post is republished on your (or your client’s) site, Google may penalize both our site and your (or your client’s) site.


Payment is by PayPal. For a sponsored post, we require full payment (or 50%) in advance. We charge a 4% PayPal handling fee on all transactions.

More information

Please see our Disclosure policy and our Media Kit.

Please note our rates are subject to change.

Thank you again for reaching out to us. We look forward to working with you!