one day in berlin

One day in Berlin. Crazy? Or not…

By Janice and George | October 14, 2016

One day in Berlin isn’t enough. But if you only have a day, see the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag and paintings on the Berlin Wall (especially “The Kiss”). We also traveled back through Germany’s turbulent times at the German Historical Museum.

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Catherine palace

Catherine Palace and the mystery of the looted Amber Room

By Janice and George | September 29, 2016

The Nazis stole the priceless Amber Room at Catherine Palace. The room was recreated though — and it’s a marvel to see! The mystery of the original missing amber treasure is fascinating too.

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best city to visit in canada

5 reasons why Victoria is the best city to visit in Canada

By Janice and George | August 16, 2016

It has great restaurants and a lovely island vibe, and it’s blooming pretty! Just 3 of 5 reasons why Victoria is the best city to visit in Canada.

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Oodles of cultural activities in Mexico City, and other surprises

By Janice and George | July 12, 2016

Mexico City surprised us – pleasantly! There are oodles of museums and cultural attractions in Mexico City. It has lots of parks. And locals ride eco-bikes.

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The amazing temples of Bagan – a photo safari

By Janice and George | February 1, 2016

Nothing can prepare you for the sight of the thousands of brick-red and honey-colored temples of Bagan in Myanmar, shimmering in the baking sun. The best way to see them is on a horse-and-buggy ride at sunset.

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mayan ruins of Tulum

Visiting the ancient Mayan ruins of Tulum

By Janice and George | January 27, 2016

Overlooking the sea, the Mayan ruins of Tulum are the loveliest of the ancient Mayan cities you can visit in Mexico’s Riviera Maya. But why did the Mayans flatten the tops of babies’ heads?

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top things to do in bali

Why all the buzz? The top things to do in Bali are as special as ever

By Janice and George | January 21, 2016

Beaches and surfing? Check. Luxury spas? You bet. Art, meditation, dance and colorful festivals? Absolutely! (Cheeky monkeys too!) The top things to do in Bali are as special as ever.

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national museum of anthropology

The grand-daddy of Mexico City museums? National Museum of Anthropology

By Janice and George | December 30, 2015

The grand-daddy of Mexico City’s 150+ museums? The National Museum of Anthropology. Visit the Teotihuacan, Maya and Aztec exhibits – don’t miss the 24-ton Aztec Calendar or “Sun Stone”!

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photos of San Francisco

Travel photos of San Francisco neighborhoods

By Janice and George | November 17, 2015

Already visited crooked Lombard Street, Chinatown and hoity-toity Nob Hill in San Francisco? Why not climb the Filbert Street steps, past pretty Victorian houses, to Coit Tower, then stop for coffee in North Beach?

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Singapore Botanic Gardens

A tropical Eden: Visiting the Singapore Botanic Gardens and orchids

By Janice and George | October 13, 2015

Green thumb or not, you’ll love visiting the Singapore Botanic Gardens! See Swan Lake, over 60,000 beautiful orchids and strange carnivorous plants. Bonus: no more crocodiles today.

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See Beethoven’s house – and other things to do in Bonn, Germany

By Janice and George | September 29, 2015

Beethoven was born in charming Bonn, Germany. You can visit his old house (see his pianos). But there are more things to do in Bonn too, like taking a short river cruise to Drachenberg Castle.

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Vancouver theaters - Stanley

Vancouver Theaters: The Stanley is a lovely grand dame!

By Janice and George | September 22, 2015

Dear Stanley Theatre, we want to tell you what a classy lady you are. A picture house in 1930, you fell on hard times. But now you’ve had a facelift and are a beloved live performing venue.

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dresden attractions

Dresden Attractions: All that glitters might be green

By Janice and George | September 3, 2015

Gilded goblets, bejeweled swords and the world’s most exquisite green diamond (a whopping 41 carats). There’s serious bling to be eyeballed in the Green Vault!

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pinang peranakan mansion

You’ll love the serious bling at the Pinang Peranakan Mansion

By Janice and George | June 28, 2015

The jade-green color popped, catching our eye. We just had to take a closer peek. It looked like a museum – an interesting one. Maybe it would be air-conditioned inside?

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